FAQ – Pediatric Dentistry

Wondering why your child may have to come to Western Surgery Centre? Here’s Dr. Carla Cohn, one of the dentists that practice out of WSC, to explain why your child may need to pay us a visit.  At Western Surgery Centre we do all kinds of dental work for children; to simplify the answer would be […]

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FAQ – Surgery Day Staff

Dr. Carla Cohn explains each member of WSC’s staff that will be taking care of you and your child on surgery day and where and when you will meet everyone.    “So, when you’re at Western Surgery Centre, you are greeted by the staff at the front desk and they take a history, and a physical […]

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FAQ – Surgery Day

Wondering about how surgery day is going to go for you and your child? Dr. Carla Cohn explains each step and transition of the entire procedure to put your mind at ease.    “So, at Western Surgery Centre, we have several dentists that come in and treat their patients. So, we, as dentists, have our […]

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FAQ – Untreated Baby Teeth

Even though they will eventually fall out, infections in baby teeth are just as serious as infections in adult teeth. In this video, Dr. Carla Cohn explains the risks associated with untreated baby teeth.    “So, complications with baby teeth, infections with baby teeth, can affect adult teeth; if the infection is close to the […]

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FAQ – At-Home Prep

Many parents want to try and explain everything to their child before they come in for their procedure, but leaving it up to the professionals at WSC is often for the best.    “At home, to prepare your child for your procedure, the child needs to know that they’re going to get their teeth fixed. […]

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FAQ – A Note To Parents

We understand that having your child come in for surgery can be stressful for a parent, but Dr. Carla Cohn is here to reassure you that you’re in good hands.    “When your child comes to Western Surgery Centre for dental surgery, you should know that we have a great team, a very experienced caring […]

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FAQ – Parents’ Role

Parents often wonder how long their child will be away from them when they’re going in for a procedure — Dr. Carla Cohn tells us exactly where and when you’re allowed to be with your child on surgery day.    “So, at Western Surgery Center, you can be with your child up until the time […]

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FAQ – Awareness

Dr. Carla Cohn assures you that your child will not feel anything during their procedure.  “Under a general anesthetic, people do not have any feeling. They will not feel any sensation going through the procedure, so children will not feel or be aware of anything while they’re under a general anesthetic. Please leave your questions […]

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FAQ – Dental Office

Even if your child is used to visiting the dentist’s office, there are still situations when the work will have to be done in a non-traditional setting.    “Reasons that a child may not be able to have work done in a traditional office setting would be if a child perhaps has some special needs, they […]

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FAQ – Baby Teeth

Dr. Carla Cohn explains the importance of baby teeth and why it’s so crucial to take good care of them. “It’s a common misconception that baby teeth should not be fixed as they are just going to fall out, however, we get our first baby tooth at the age of about six months and we […]

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