Breast Implants Winnipeg

We all want to feel good about ourselves. Each of us has a perception of the image we portray. For many women, the size and shape of a their breasts help define their femininity and self-image.

Over time, factors such as age, genetics, pregnancy, weight changes, and gravity can cause the size and shape of the breast to change. Women in Winnipeg of all ages have chosen breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Many seek to correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy or to correct a difference in breast size. Some use it as a reconstructive technique following various breast surgeries. Most however choose breast implants as a way to enhance their attractiveness and self-confidence.

How its done?

During breast augmentation, a breast implant is placed inside a pocket formed in the breast tissue. This can help to increase or balance the size of the breast, restore breast volume, or restore the shape of the breast after partial or total loss.

There are a multitude of techniques that can be used in breast augmentation. The location of the pocket for the implant (subglandular- directly beneath the breast tissue or submuscular-behind the pectoral muscle), choice of implant (size; shape- round or teardrop; type- silicone vs. saline; surface- smooth or textured) and the incision site (underneath the breast crease, around the lower border of the areola or in the underarm area) are all extremely personal decisions that our plastic surgeons will help guide you through to achieve your cosmetic goals.

The procedure often takes between 1-2 hours to complete and is usually performed under a general anesthetic.

Breast augmentation cannot correct significantly sagging or drooping breasts. In these instances, a breast lift (mastopexy) is often necessary and performed in conjunction with this procedure.

Why choose us?

Breast augmentation is a major step for most Winnipeg women and the decision to have surgery is one not taken lightly. At the WSC, our board-certified plastic surgeons have years of experience and excellence in the ‘art’ of this highly personal procedure. Our team of anesthesiologists, nurses and caregivers are devoted to providing you with the highest level of care. We do our best to keep you informed, put you at ease and provide you with a satisfying experience. Together, we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals!

Am I a candidate?

If you are in good general health and have specific but realistic goals for the improvement of your appearance, there is no defined age limit for this procedure.

You must tell your surgeon if you have had previous breast surgery, undiagnosed breast lump(s) or known breast cancer. Breast implants can make it more difficult to read mammograms. All women have a risk of breast cancer and you will need to consider this prior to making a decision about whether or not to have implants.

Post-operative course

Performed as an outpatient procedure, most patients experience minimal discomfort easily controlled with oral medication. You will likely experience some bruising and swelling after surgery. The majority of the swelling will likely subside within a few days. However, some swelling may persist for several weeks. Most patients are back to work within one week but should avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for 3 weeks.

Detailed pre- and post-operative instructions will be provided at the WSC.

What do I do?

Our goal is to provide you with the information required to ease the decision-making process.
We strongly encourage you to research the operation thoroughly. Here are some useful links to help you:

If you feel ready to discuss your options with us, we would love to speak with you. To request a consultation, feel free to contact us via this website or call 204-947-9322.

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