Our Staff

Michele Sutherland, Clinic Manager

Focus: Technician, Operating Room, Management

Michele graduated from the Health Sciences in 1985. She spent the first part of her career working as an operating room technician at the Health Sciences Centre. Shortly thereafter she transitioned into the private sector where she worked as an OR technician/Manager at the Winnipeg/Assiniboia Surgical Centre. In 1998 she joined the Western Surgery Centre where she continued her role as an OR technician and took over management responsibilities in 2006. She is excited to continue to provide the high standard of care Western Surgery Centre is renowned for.


Beverley Kibsey, Purchasing Manager

Focus: Operating Room, Management

Beverley is a graduate of the Winnipeg General Hospital and has had forty years of experience working in the OR.  For the last twenty years she has been employed at the Western Surgery Centre where she assists in the OR and is responsible for purchasing and inventory management.


Rhodora Lontoc, Administrative Assistant

Focus: Administration

Erlinda Gobenciong, Operating Room Technician

Focus: Operating Room

Christine MacMaster, Operating Room/ Recovery Room Nurse

Focus: Nursing


Candy Peters, Recovery Room Nurse

Focus: Nursing


Becky Peterson, Recovery Room Nurse

Focus: Nursing



Charlyn Capuno, Sterile Processing Technician

Focus: Operations


Shalom Jacinto, Sterile Processing Technician

Focus: Operations


Lex Capuno, Sterile Processing Technician

Focus: Operations


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