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Safe and trusted professionals helping you look and feel your best.

Your body image can affect you. At Western Surgery Centre, our services aim to make you feel happy in your own skin.


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We’ll arrange an appointment with the required physician or surgeon depending on the procedure you’re interested in.

We introduce you to the facility and advise you on the best course of action for your treatment.

Whether cosmetic or non-cosmetic, our board-certified surgeons are here to make you feel comfortable and confident.

We require 25% down and the full payment within 2 weeks of surgery. Financing options are available.

Day Of Procedure
You will receive specific pre-op instructions from your surgeon, as well as a list of things to expect day-of.

Post Operative Care
Typical recovery time depends on the type of procedure and all post-op instructions will be provided by your surgeon.


About Western Surgery Centre

Western Surgery Centre is the premiere multi-specialty surgical facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our cosmetic surgery expertise and use of modern technology allows us to deliver the best possible service in our private surgical facility.

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